Kinuka Mizushina (Pastry Chef)
Rarity: IconRarity4 School: IconSchoolAyanokouji
Voiced by: ???
Stats at Level 40
IconStatsHeart Heart 832
IconStatsTechnique Technique 992
IconStatsBody Body 696
Support Skill
IconSkillBuffDefense Kongoushin - Sweets
SP Cost: 70
At Level 9:
  • For 3 turns, Defense +240 and Physique +216 for all ally members
  • All allies with the Defense bonus status effect receive a one-time Invincible effect


Kinuka Mizushina (水科 絹香 Mizushina Kinuka?) is a 17-year-old third year high school student of Ayanokouji Martial Arts School. She currently serves as a Strategic Staff Officer at the Special Ritual Unit Headquarters. She attended an ordinary middle school after being considered unsuited to wield an okatana, but in order to help her sister Toji who is two years younger than her, she stepped into the world of fighting against Aradama. Because she delivers excellent results as a Staff Officer, she gathers a profound feeling of trust from those around her. But when it comes to her sister, she becomes a extremely passionate siscon.