Mihono Asakura (安桜 美炎 Asakura Mihono?) is a middle school student of Minoseki Academy. Her okatana is Kashuu Kiyomitsu.



One notable flaw in her personality is she is an easily distracted girl, making it hard for her to maintain top form.

Her motto is "determined to be reckless", which befits her optimistic and straightforward personality, and she is also quite a mood maker.


She is a pupil who shines in her swordsmanship skills, but eventually lost to Kanami Etou during the representative selection matches in Minoseki Academy, putting her at third place overall. Kanami later exchanged promises with Mihono for a rematch.


After losing to Kanami, Mihono joined her other friends to see her and teammate Mai Yanase off in their trip to Kamakura City. Mihono later watched the events unfold in the venue itself.


  • The 4-koma TojiTomo depicts her as having the tendency to annoy Kofuki Shichinosato, by making fun of her "barbaric" attitude. In return, Mihono is teased by Kofuki for her sparse appearances in the anime series.