Richard Friedman (リッチャード・フリードマン Ricchaado Furiidoman?), last name pronounced as "freed-man", is the pioneer in developing the S-Equipment defense system currently used by Toji in high-risk Aradama operations. Currently, he is affiliated with the anti-Origami group Mokusa. He is also Ellen Kohagura's maternal grandfather.

While in hiding and during correspondence with possible allies to the cause, he uses the handle name FineMan.


He have an appreance of a middle-aged man, with deep blue eyes and short white hair. He also wear a glasses with red frame with an extended brown cord.

He is usually seen with a soft smile on his face.


He appear as a funny, not too serious person, often joking around like his granddaughter Ellen. But like Ellen, he can be smart and totally serious when the situation demands it.


Not much is known about his background. It appear that he is a genius scientist who help develop many technologies like S-Equipment and Spectrum Finder. It is revealed in his flashback that he onboard the oil tanker that carry a huge amount of Noro from Japan to US, the cause of the Great Aradama incident because of many Noro is gathered in one place.


As FineMan, he contacted the fugitive Toji Kanami Etou and Hiyori Juujou days after a failed attack against Yukari Origami using a computer owned by retired Toji Rui Onda. Here, he asked for confirmation on the decision of the two on whether they will push through with the plan to oppose Yukari Origami. After Hiyori gave a positive response, Richard gave coordinates that would point to Irozaki, the designated meeting place.[1]

Although Kanami and Hiyori's journey to Irozaki was hampered by the movements of Yukari's Elite Guard, the two, with the help of Kaoru Mashiko and Ellen Kohagura, were able to make an escape to a submarine affiliated to Mokusa. Richard later officially introduced himself to the newest allies of Mokusa and he told the history of the S-Equipment and the rise of the Origami Family after the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay.[2]

Combat Abilities

As a normal human he don't possess any supernatural power, but he is one of the smartest person in the series.

Genius Intellect: Being considered as a genius scientist, he helped for the development of many useful technologies for Toji like S-Equipment and Spectrum Finder. He is a capable strategist as well, acting as a tactician for Akane Origami and Mokusa. He also possess great knowledge regarding the matter about Toji, Noro and Aradama and it related technologies, like when he figure out the Spectrum Finder have been altered to detect the nearby presense of okatana, not Aradama.


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