TojiYon: Operation Toji no Tomo 4-Koma (とじよん:とじのみこ四コマ計画 Tojiyon: Toji no Miko Yonkoma Keikaku?) is an ongoing four-panel manga series based on the Toji no Miko series. The series aims to explain the world of Toji no Miko in a more lighthearted way. The series is illustrated by Haruna Hisui.

Each "chapter" consists of two separate parts.

Chapter List

  • 1A: "What is a Toji?" - Kanami, Mai and Hiyori explain what a Toji is, along with what they do and how preparation is important as a Toji.
  • 1B: "Kanami Etou" - Kanami Etou introduces herself, and reveals her tendency to go into sword fights in her dreams.
  • 2A: "Aradama and Okatana" - Ellen Kohagura steps in to explain what are Aradama, the creatures that Toji are trained to exorcise. Kaoru proceeds to make an interesting analogy to how Aradama are formed.
  • 2B: "Hiyori Juujou" - The aloof Hiyori Juujou steps into the spotlight, only for Ellen to point out that she is a "normal girl" in that she also likes something—in Hiyori's case, it's chocolate mint ice cream.
  • 3A: "About the Five Traditions" - The six girls tell about The Five Traditions, the five schools established to train Toji.
  • 3B: "Mai Yanase" - Kaoru introduces Mai Yanase, particularly her relationship with Kanami.
  • 4A: "About Abilities" - Hiyori explains three of the basic abilities learned by Toji: Utsushi, Jin'i and Hachimanriki.
  • 4B: "Sayaka Itomi" - Sayaka Itomi reveals her love for completing missions to the point of wearing her uniform at all times.
  • 5A: "Kaoru Mashiko" - Introducing Kaoru Mashiko and her pet Nene, as well as the simple reason behind Nene's name.
  • 5B: "Ellen Kohagura" - Ellen talks about her relationship with Kaoru and her tendency to rest her breasts on Kaoru's head.
  • Special Issue A: "Anime Broadcast Celebration" - The main cast celebrates the airing of the first episode of Toji no Miko.
  • Special Issue B: "That Mysterious Girl Is..." - Introducing Mihono Asakura, a "minor character" in the series that will officially debut in the upcoming mobile game Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi.
  • 6A: "Yukari Origami" - Kanami and Mai talk about Yukari Origami, the charismatic "strongest Toji", and speculate about how she maintains her ability as a Toji.
  • 6B: "About Swordsmanship Schools" - Hiyori and Mai open the topic about the different schools of swordsmanship and Kanami barges in to ramble about the different styles she knows.
  • 7A: "All Sorts of Okatana" - Yukari observes how the girls of the current generation treat their okatana and ends up understanding too little about it.
  • 7B: "Maki Shidou" - Maki Shidou self-explanatorily displays her debonair charms towards her fellow Toji.
  • 8A: "About S-Equipment" - The topic moves towards the flashy S-Equipment and its strengths and weaknesses.
  • 8B: "Suzuka Konohana" - After noticing Yume's behavior, Suzuka Konohana decides to teach her an obviously effective way to be more courteous towards others.